Onward Nation Podcast: Telling your story through LinkedIn, with Kate Paine

Kate Paine was a guest on the Onward Nation Podcast with Stephen Woessner.

Listen below:

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

How Kate decided she wanted to become a journalist, and how she came to work at the CBS Morning News and eventually CBS Evening News with anchor Dan Rather.

How Kate now works with clients on personal branding and LinkedIn, and why the “story” matters so much to her.

Why stories don’t necessarily mean brand stories, and why Kate believes sharing your story can help you form connections.

How to answer the question of “what do you do?” with a more memorable and engaging answer than just your job title.

Why Kate believes LinkedIn is a powerful tool and an opportunity to tell your story and share your expertise.

Why your LinkedIn profile should never be a copy-and-paste of your resume and should contain more compelling pieces of information.

Kate shares a great way to solicit feedback on your strengths from colleagues that you may not be aware of in yourself.

Strategies for using your story on LinkedIn to be disruptive, and why your LinkedIn summary is critical real estate.

Why it is important to find your super-specific strengths and talk about your niche and how you excel in it.

Why you should never use the default LinkedIn message to connect with someone, and why you should always personalize your invitations.


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