PR Maven Podcast: Standing Out Online With Kate Paine

Kate Paine was a guest on the PR Maven Podcast with Nancy Marshall.

In this episode:

4:00 – How Kate has followed her dream since 8th grade

7:28 – What Kate would have done differently in her career

10:17 – How the internet and social media has changed public relations

12:45 – Why a blanket approach to public relations and social media doesn’t work

13:41 – Tip: How to use national news trends to target your audiences

18:27 – The challenges with entrepreneurship as a mother and professional

20:42 – Keys to long-term success and Nancy’s advice about eating an elephant

29:44 – Why word of mouth is important and Kate and Nancy’s stories about Jay Baer’s llamas

32:57 – Advice for young entrepreneurs

36:06 – Tips from Kate Paine about your LinkedIn profile and how to set yourself apart

“If you really want it bad enough, you’re going to do what it takes to get there.” — Kate Paine, Founder and President of Standing Out Online


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