Professionals & Business Owners:

Learn How To Effectively Position Yourself Online To Attract A Steady Stream Of New Clients

Introducing my 3-Month, One-on-One, live-coaching program:
"Stand Out Online Using LinkedIn®"

Does This Describe You?

  • You have a very strong desire to grow your business online, but you're not yet seeing the success you'd like.
  • You know you're great at what you do, and you know you could really help people, but those ideal clients you seek are not exactly lining up at your door yet.
  • You have tried what seems like a million things - purchased courses, implemented strategies, attended seminars, hired consultants - but your online efforts aren't exactly firing on all cylinders yet.
  • You know, deep-down, that you WILL achieve the success you dream of. Nothing is going to stop you!

What If:

People sought you out, already aware of what you provide and why it's so valuable?

What If:

People excitedly raised their hand and said "you are the one I've been looking for!"

What If:

You didn't have to do this alone and you could simply implement a proven, step-by-step methodology with live guidance and accountability along the way?

Introducing my 3-month, one-on-one, live-coaching program:
Stand Out Online Using LinkedIn

Learn to position yourself online to attract new clients and earn more business!
I'll be by your side the entire time, helping you step-by-step.

In today’s digital age, personal branding and client attraction strategies are not optional. If you don't showcase your personal brand, then that actually becomes your brand. That's definitely not what you want.

Stop Settling For "It's Good Enough" and Learn To Truly Stand Out Online

This program takes you from a “good-enough” personal profile to one which will showcase your personal brand and story so you can differentiate yourself in your marketplace and build your thought leadership.

The goal is to build a robust personal profile presence so you can show who you are, what you do, and how you serve your network/audience/clients.

We will work together to create an outcome-based profile showing how you help your prospects. Most people have a profile that is simply a basic biography, which is why most people just blend into the background. Don't play that game. Instead, leverage the amazing LinkedIn profile and take your results to the next level.

This includes 1:1 coaching with Kate plus teasing out your slice-of-life story and weaving it into your professional story on your LinkedIn personal profile. This approach makes your profile more compelling and ultimately creates the top-of-mind awareness you seek on the LinkedIn platform. We’ll also do a deeper dive into your existing personal brand, your other social channels, website and more to make sure it’s all working for you in the way you wish.

What Will You Receive?

This is a content-packed, 3-month, one-on-one program where you will learn how to utilize my uncommon LinkedIn marketing strategies to raise your online profile, define your personal brand, and generate more revenue.

  • Learn the precise strategies that will allow you to leverage the one online platform where you can easily stand out from your competition.
  • Learn how to become one of your industry's go-to thought leaders - in less time than you might imagine.
  • Learn how to raise your online profile so your ideal clients / customers can EASILY find your services. 
  • Learn to define your personal brand to set you apart from your competition. This is THE differentiator to online personal a non-sales-y way!
  • Learn how to showcase your expertise so that you're discovered (and sought out) for your super specific skill sets and expertise.
  • Learn to build genuine relationships so your network, clients, prospects, or potential employers get to know, like, and trust you. After all, people want to do business with people, not logos.

What Else Will You Receive?

  • Learn how to optimize your profile with the proper search engine keywords for your industry and goals. This helps prospects, traditional media journalists, industry influencers, and even career recruiters find someone “like” you on Google or LinkedIn search.
  • Learn how to easily create videos to build your authority. LinkedIn now places special emphasis on video to build your authority. You'll learn to create short videos, which build your influence online (and off!) and often convert to sales for your product, book, or service. We'll even cover LIVE video!
  • Learn effective messaging strategies for lead generation and relationship-building.
  • Learn expert strategies to receive recommendations (and nothing beats a recommendation as we all know).
  • Learn to generate PR opportunities and invitations (press, podcasts, photos, articles, etc)
  • Learn how to effectively add accomplishments to showcase your professional and career credibility.

How Does This Program Work?

  • This is a 3-month, one-on-one program. Using Zoom, we will meet at least one time per week. There will be specific tasks you need to complete each week, which will build upon each other.
  • I will work with you directly, and you will receive personalized coaching, consulting, and guidance from me.
  • We will start with an initial 1:1 interview to identify your story and how it is relevant and aligned to your professional expertise. The goal is to discover and develop your personal story to make your profile stand out and hook your reader in to learn more about you. We’ll work with our writers to write your About section and the current role listed in your Experience section.
  • I will perform a review and audit of your existing LinkedIn profile, as well as your other social platforms and your website.
  • I will help you be more discoverable online with a compelling, optimized LinkedIn profile that serves as not only a place where a potential client or follower can learn more about you but also a way for you to be discovered by search engines. In this day and age, when people search for you online by name, the first thing to pop-up is one’s LinkedIn profile.
  • I will show you how to use LinkedIn and LinkedIn search filters for warm lead generation via messaging, posting original and compelling content (articles and/or videos), and effective strategies for using LinkedIn’s native video feature.
  • I will teach you best practices and strategies to navigate the LinkedIn desktop user interface.
  • I will teach you various strategies to use additional sections within your profile to differentiate yourself and leverage existing digital assets.
  • I'll also provide you information on navigating your profile and the LinkedIn platform after your profile is complete (tips, tricks, best practices, engagement and connection strategies).
  • We will also work together to revamp your LinkedIn company page (if applicable) to be sure you’re putting the best content out for your viewers.
  • Everything is taught in easy-to-follow and easy-to-implement segments. Each meeting builds toward the next. By the end, you will be set to excel.  
  • As this is a one-on-one program, I only accept a few people per year and space is extremely limited.

About Kate Paine

Kate Paine is the founder and CEO of Standing Out Online. She helps executives and entrepreneurs stand out online so they become a recognized authority in their marketplace, and a respected asset to their company and clients.

She uses her journalism and marketing skills to tease out her clients’ compelling stories and to help her clients position themselves as experts or thought leaders both online and off.

Discovering an individual's story makes her expertise uncommon in the world of online personal promotion. She’s a LinkedIn expert and uses the tool as a powerful personal branding platform. Kate also speaks at national marketing conferences about personal branding strategies and social media, and teaches LinkedIn for corporate sales training.

This Is For You If You Are:

  • An executive, entrepreneur, or business owner who has a strong desire to grow your business online
  • You are ready to invest in yourself AND you want to make your mark by leveraging your LinkedIn presence. 
  • You are ready to commit to 3 months, you are ready to put in the effort needed, and you are willing to hold yourself accountable in order to get the results you desire
  • You would rather learn to easily attract new clients who come to you already aware of what you provide and why you're valuable rather than constantly pushing and chasing for business.

How Much?

This service is easily worth $10,000 or more, and it will be in the future.  However, this is a recent offering, as people have been asking me to offer a one-on-one "deep dive" program.

And, it's very limited. I only accept a few people per year into this program.

The investment is $7,500.

If you value an extended one-on-one experience where we take a truly deep dive into your personal branding, this program is an incredible value.

Pay In Full
(Save 10% or $750)

1 Payment of $6750

Pay Over Time
(3 monthly installments)

3 Payments of $2750

What Others Have Said About Learning From Kate:

I highly recommend Kate's services to anyone looking to better utilize LinkedIn as a powerful tool to expand their sphere of influence and grow their business.

lee duncan
ceo, alliance group

Kate's program entirely shifted my thinking, activities and perspective - all of which have skyrocketed my engagement. Why? Because now I understand a lot more; I have a lot more fun in the doings of online networking; now I see real movement and progress in utilizing LinkedIn and other channels to serve and to grow. For those serious on getting smart about positioning yourself online, I unhesitatingly recommend Kate. She's sharp, fun, and knows her specialty.

ginger Johnson
connectivity expert & author

I was anticipating that updating my LinkedIn profile would be torture...but working with Kate made this process, dare I say, almost fun?!? It was a great process to really reflect on my previous experience and think about how it all ties in. She was clear, encouraging and broke it down into manageable pieces. I highly recommend her.

Kerry Secrest
Leadership Coaching, Training, and Development

Ready To Get Started?

Please act now - space is extremely limited.

Pay In Full
(Save 10% or $750)

1 Payment of $6750

Pay Over Time
(3 monthly installments)

3 Payments of $2750

If you have any questions, please email me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.  

Thanks!  I look forward to working with you. 

Please note: Kate Paine is not an employee, partner, nor affiliate of LinkedIn® Corporate. Kate is an independent professional.