Professionals & Business Owners:

Learn How To Effectively Position Yourself Online To Attract A Steady Stream Of New Clients

Introducing my 8-week, step-by-step, live-coaching program:
"Grow Your Business By Standing Out Online"

Does This Describe You?

  • You have a very strong desire to grow your business online, but you're not yet seeing the success you'd like.
  • You know you're great at what you do, and you know you could really help people, but those ideal clients you seek are not exactly lining up at your door yet.
  • You have tried what seems like a million things - purchased courses, implemented strategies, attended seminars, hired consultants - but your online efforts aren't exactly firing on all cylinders yet.
  • You know, deep-down, that you WILL achieve the success you dream of. Nothing is going to stop you! 

What If:

People sought you out, already aware of what you provide and why it's so valuable?

What If:

People excitedly raised their hand and said "you are the one I've been looking for!"

What If:

You didn't have to do this alone and you could simply implement a proven, step-by-step methodology with live guidance and accountability along the way?

Introducing my 8-week, step-by-step, live-coaching program:
Grow Your Business By Standing Out Online

Learn to position yourself online to attract new clients and earn more business!
I'll be by your side the entire time, helping you step-by-step.

In today’s digital age, personal branding and client attraction strategies are not optional. If you don't showcase your personal brand, then that actually becomes your brand. That's definitely not what you want.

What Will You Receive?

This is a content-packed, live 8-week program where you will learn how to utilize my uncommon LinkedIn® marketing strategies to raise your online profile, define your personal brand, and generate more revenue.

  • Learn the precise strategies that will allow you to leverage the one online platform where you can easily stand out from your competition.
  • Learn how to become one of your industry's go-to thought leaders - in less time than you might imagine.
  • Learn how to raise your online profile so your ideal clients / customers can EASILY find your services. 
  • Learn to define your personal brand to set you apart from your competition. This is THE differentiator to online personal a non-sales-y way!
  • Learn how to showcase your expertise so that you're discovered (and sought out) for your super specific skill sets and expertise.
  • Learn to build genuine relationships so your network, clients, prospects, or potential employers get to know, like, and trust you. After all, people want to do business with people, not logos.

What Else Will You Receive?

  • Learn how to optimize your profile with the proper search engine keywords for your industry and goals. This helps prospects, traditional media journalists, industry influencers, and even career recruiters find someone “like” you on Google or LinkedIn search.
  • Learn how to easily create videos to build your authority. LinkedIn now places special emphasis on video to build your authority. You'll learn to create short videos, which build your influence online (and off!) and often convert to sales for your product, book, or service. We'll even cover LIVE video!
  • Learn effective messaging strategies for lead generation and relationship-building.
  • Learn expert strategies to receive recommendations (and nothing beats a recommendation as we all know).
  • Learn to generate PR opportunities and invitations (press, podcasts, photos, articles, etc)
  • Learn how to effectively add accomplishments to showcase your professional and career credibility.

How Does This Program Work?

  • This is a live 8-week program. Using Zoom, we will meet one time per week. There will be specific tasks you need to complete each week.
  • I will lead the trainings live (not recordings), I will work with you directly, and you will receive personalized coaching from me.
  • Everything is taught in easy-to-follow and easy-to-implement segments. Each week builds toward the next. By the end, you will be set to excel. 
  • BONUS: You will also receive 4 one-on-one calls with me.
  • This course is taught in a very small group setting. We accept only 5-6 people per group and this program is only offered 4 times per year. (Next class begins in January.)
  • This intimate group setting leads to plenty of individual time, a chance to build relationships and contacts, and a chance to help and teach each other.

About Kate Paine

Kate Paine is the founder and CEO of Standing Out Online. She helps executives and entrepreneurs stand out online so they become a recognized authority in their marketplace, and a respected asset to their company and clients.

She uses her journalism and marketing skills to tease out her clients’ compelling stories and to help her clients position themselves as experts or thought leaders both online and off.

Discovering an individual's story makes her expertise uncommon in the world of online personal promotion. She’s a LinkedIn expert and uses the tool as a powerful personal branding platform. Kate also speaks at national marketing conferences about personal branding strategies and social media, and teaches LinkedIn for corporate sales training.

This Is For You If You Are:

  • An executive, entrepreneur, or business owner who has a strong desire to grow your business online
  • You are ready to invest in yourself AND you want to make your mark by leveraging your LinkedIn presence. 
  • You are ready to commit to 8 weeks, you are ready to put in the effort needed, and you are willing to hold yourself accountable in order to get the results you desire
  • You would rather learn to easily attract new clients who come to you already aware of what you provide and why you're valuable rather than constantly pushing and chasing for business.

How Much?

This program is easily worth $10,000 or more, and it likely will be in the future.
However, this is a new program (in Beta at this time), so you can be the beneficiary.

I'm personally inviting the first 5 people to join for an investment of only $5000.

Paid In Full
(Save $500)

1 Payment of $4500

Pay Over Time
(4 monthly installments)

4 Payments of $1375

What Others Have Said About Learning From Kate:

Kate's approach to making profiles/summaries more personal struck me as a great approach to building connections and business through LinkedIn. The small group worked well together - everyone was open to sharing their work, offering feedback, and doing the work each week. I recommend Kate’s course to percolate your stories until the best one surfaces and can push your profile to the next level.

Lisa J. Jackson

Kate is one of my favorite people to learn from when it comes to LinkedIn strategies. I love her approach to storytelling and personal connections on the platform. I've had the pleasure of sitting in on a couple of Kate's training presentations and each time I've found myself updating my profile right then and there to take advantage of her tips. She's articulate, fun, and engaging as a speaker. She makes the content relatable and actionable.

Jenn Herman
Instagram Expert, Author, International Speaker

Kate possesses superior knowledge of what is best practice using LinkedIn! She uses actual examples so that each attendee has clarity on what to do next; in other words, Kate breaks down a complex process for success into easy-to-absorb steps that can be implemented the very next day. Her enthusiasm is contagious and builds camaraderie among the class, which encourages dialogue among all.

D.B. Wienke

Ready To Get Started?

The next session starts in April. Space is extremely limited.

Paid In Full
(save $500)

1 Payment of $4500

Pay Over Time
(4 monthly installments)

4 Payments of $1375

If you have any questions, please email me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.  

Thanks!  I look forward to working with you. 

Please note: Kate Paine is not an employee, partner, nor affiliate of LinkedIn® Corporate. Kate is an independent professional.